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Rutting Stag warning everyone and everything off. Thanks for looking, Brian #rut #rutting #stag #deer #redstag #reddeer

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«Running Puffin» an atlantic puffin running to its burrow. Thanks for looking, Brian #puffin #atlanticpuffin #running #igscselect #ig_discover_birdslife Фото опубликовано Brian Scott / Wildlife (@brianscott_photography)


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Staring contest with a Verreaux’s Sifaka in Berenty, Madagascar. Фото опубликовано Alison Buttigieg (@cheetah80)

‘Oh hi!’ Puku with a heart shaped nose, South Luangwa, Zambia. Repost of an old favourite Фото опубликовано Alison Buttigieg (@cheetah80)


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‘Waimea’ Фото опубликовано Matt Draper (@mattdraperphotography)

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to realise this really is my reality. Фото опубликовано Matt Draper (@mattdraperphotography)


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Fight… // Kavga… [Lake Nakuru NP, Kenya] #africa #buffalo #nakuru #kenya Фото опубликовано Burak Dogansoysal (@burakdogansoysal)

Who doesn’t love penguins? // Penguenleri kim sevmez ki? ??? [Boulders Beach, South Africa] #penguin #africa #capetown Фото опубликовано Burak Dogansoysal (@burakdogansoysal)

Crowned… // Taçlı… [Serengeti, Tanzania] #africa #tanzania #serengeti Фото опубликовано Burak Dogansoysal (@burakdogansoysal)


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Arctic fox. Svalbard. Arctic foxes turn white in the winter, except the ”blue» foxes, who remain dark all year round. They’re called «blue» although they are often more brown or dark-gray. Only about 5% of the Arctic foxes in Svalbard are blue, but they’re more common elsewhere in the Arctic, for example on Greenland. /////// The Arctic fox is a scavenger and will eat almost anything it finds. In summer, it is dependent on the birdlife that visits the Arctic. It consumes the birds’ eggs and chicks, as well as lemmings and rodents, and builds up a storage of food to last over the long winter. In winter, some foxes also follow polar bears to feed on leftovers. The fox is monogamous, and each pair establishes a territory, or home range, that they return to each breeding season, even after following the polar bear for hundreds of miles. Фото опубликовано Fredrik Granath (@fredgranath)

Newborn ringed seal pup. Svalbard. /////// The seal mother comes up after what seems like eternity beneath the ice, having fed on fish and shrimp in the cold waters. Her newborn, white-coated pup is waiting on the ice, still with too little blubber for it to swim or survive for long in the frigid water. /////// She will nurse her pup for about twelve days, and in that time it will double its body weight. But it is a dangerous life. The ringed seal is the main prey of the polar bear. The bear has an excellent sense of smell and can detect a seal pup lying on the ice from several miles away. Often ringed seals build a snow den on the ice trying to protect their pups, not only from polar bears, but also from arctic foxes, birds of prey, and the cold, biting wind. Фото опубликовано Fredrik Granath (@fredgranath)

Polar bear mother and cub at their den. Svalbard. ///////// Today is Arctic Sea Ice Day! :-) Sea ice is an important factor affecting the climate system. It affects how solar energy is reflected, how heat and moisture is exchanged at the ocean surface, and it also affects the dynamics of ocean currents. The sea ice, glaciers, and snow-covered ground of the polar regions work as reflectors. Almost all the radiation from the sun that hits its surface is reflected back into space as light, without turning to heat that would have been rapped in the atmosphere. This effect helps to keep the regions cold. When the sea ice, glaciers and snow melt, this effect is lost. In the summer, radiation from the sun is absorbed by the sea, to be later released as heat, resulting in an acceleration of the warming, a so-called negative feedback loop. During the last four decades, the sea ice extent has shrunk drastically. The Arctic sea ice has also become thinner, in some areas by up to 50%, and these trends are accelerating. Фото опубликовано Fredrik Granath (@fredgranath)


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Jumping Polar Bear in drift ice. Photo taken on 82degrees north while guiding photographers for Wildphoto Travel september 2015 Фото опубликовано Wildlife Photography (@audundahl)


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??Happy Turtle Tuesday!!?? #turtletuesday #ladyelliotisland #thisisqueensland #seeaustralia Фото опубликовано Colin Davis Photography (@colindavisphotography)

Lilac Breasted Roller, National Bird Of Kenya Фото опубликовано Colin Davis Photography (@colindavisphotography)


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Tracking lions in Duba isn’t all that difficult, what it hard is finding the lions that aren’t on the buffalo. We could always find one pride, but find the others was always a challenge. When we finally found this line male, we had a hard time letting go of him. We must have followed him for 2 hours, before he wondered into the thick brush alone. We didn’t see him again the remainder of the trip. #travel #africa #animal #animais #animals #animaladdict #animallovers #animalsaddict #canon #canon_photos #canon_official #conservation #wild #wildlife #wildlifeaddict #wildlifeplanet #animalsco #earth @exclusive_animals @natgeowild @wildlifeaddicts @wildlifeplanet @ourplanetdaily @ourlonelyplanet @elegant.animals @planet_of_animals Фото опубликовано Chris Fischer (@cfischephoto)

Everything in wildlife photography is a gamble it seems. We wee on a great sighting of a young female lion and her cubs who had recently chased a leopard up a nearby tree. All were within a close viewing distance. But when the call that a pair of young male cheetahs had been found, I really didn’t want to pass on that opportunity, so we took a risk. Luckily this time it paid off. Thanks to @elegant.animals for the recent share. #travel #africa #animal #animais #animals #animaladdict #animallovers #animalsaddict #canon #canon_photos #canon_official #conservation #wild #wildlife #wildlifeaddict #wildlifeplanet #animalsco #earth @exclusive_animals @natgeowild @wildlifeaddicts @wildlifeplanet @ourplanetdaily @ourlonelyplanet @elegant.animals @planet_of_animals Фото опубликовано Chris Fischer (@cfischephoto)


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The herds are moving south once again, leaving the #masaimara on their perpetual search for fresh grazing. In four months they will congregate once again in the Serengeti to give birth to a new generation before returning north. So it has been for millennia and The Great Migration. ——————————————— Image copyright © Elliott Neep/ #wildlifephotographer | Follow for a daily dose of stunning #wildlifephotography ? Please respect copyright and do not repost/regram without tagging and crediting, thank you ? View over 300 beautiful #wildlife images on my IG gallery ? Always #wild ? @natgeoyourshot ——————————————— #⃣ #photosafari #africansafari #african_portraits #naturephotography #NikonNoFilter #migration #wildlife Фото опубликовано Elliott Neep (@elliottneep)


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Youngsters in the Mara… #wildlifephotography #Kenya @discoverlions #LionsAndLionesses #natgeowild #naturegeography #wildlifepage Фото опубликовано Anja Denker Wildlife Photos (@wild.anjadenker)

Giraffe love — Maasai Mara #wildlifephotography #wildlifepage #Kenya @wildlifeplanet @natgeowild #wildlifeaddicts #naturegeography #Iamnikonsa #nikonphoto_ Фото опубликовано Anja Denker Wildlife Photos (@wild.anjadenker)

Cape fur seal in the late afternoon light… Walvis Bay, Namibia #naturegeography #inamibia @wildlifepage @natgeowild #wildlifephotography Фото опубликовано Anja Denker Wildlife Photos (@wild.anjadenker)

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Around the @animalglobe for #80days #animalglobe #photodaily #photoday #photooftheday #instagood Фото опубликовано Slava Mishchenko (

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