Упражнения можно выполнять как дома, так и на улице. Детские площадки рано утром, кстати, отлично подходят для таких вот занятий. ;)

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Another fun sesh with my workout buddies this afternoon! 😉😉 I'm loving using the plastic plates at the moment — they really help activate my core! I've had a few comments lately from mum's saying they attempt to workout with their kids, but they are finding it hard as the kids are too heavy or that I make it look so easy in my clips and they try to reenact it but find it too tricky. ✋I just want to say that I didn't start working out with my kids (as weights) until I had learnt the basics of strength work and technique. I'm not a personal trainer and won't give out technique advice — there are plenty of amazing PT's out there and I'm sure if you wanted to do a few sessions and learn technique for yourself, then you would be armed with enough info to workout at home on your own! Once you've got your moves down pat — you throw on the load (kids!) 💃💃! Don't give up when it gets hard, give up once your workout is done 👊💪✌️ #staystrongmummyblog #homeexercises #squat #bearcrawl #crabwalk #mountainclimber #lunge #abs #wod #twinmum #twins

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I love summer days and the early evenings spent outside with my babes! While they had their milk in the pram, they got to watch me for 15 mins instead of the TV! When I workout with the kids I always make sure they have snacks, their comforter or in this case a bottle. They giggled and laughed at me nearly the whole time through this! (Clip is sped up to fit it all in). 3 x rounds 15 x squat side kicks 15 x lunges (last set with the twins) 15 x sprints 15 x squats with my 20kg weight 😉 Then it was pram play and max reps of: Plank with knees to chest and hip raise Plank pram walks Squat jumps with two squats Have a wonderful day mummy's! Remember short, fast, high intensity strength workouts can have minimum time with maximum results! #staystrongmummyblog #home exercises #twinmum

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This is too adorable!☺️ for all you mommas out there, no excuses👊💪 #howtogetabs Credit:@melyg_fitness

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Ab and booty combo! Just grab some rags and get to work ☺️☺️💪 @alexajeanfitnes #Howtogetabs

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