Мы продолжаем собирать для вас видеоролики с полезными и простыми упражнениями, которые помогут подготовить тело к лету. Сегодня мы работаем над самой любимой и одновременно проблемной частью тела всех девушек — ягодицами.

Fit Girl Challenge! 💕💪 . Details: . Leg Day (at home) . — Step-Ups with Side Leg Lift x 10 on each side (TIP) land with a slightly bent knee, softly, absorbing the momentum with your MUSCLES not your joints. Use your hand for stability on the back of your chair if you want to — Leg Press x 20 on each side (TIP) keep the back rounded out, pressing the belly button to the spine. Increase resistance against your glutes and hamstrings by engaging the abs more! — Squat Hops x 10 (TIP) if you need to sit all the way down to achieve that range of motion, do that! Otherwise, just aim for the tap! — Repeat round 2-4x to feel the legs (TIP) place the chair against the wall so it doesn't slip or wobble! . Check out …👇 @FitGirlVideos @FitGirlVideos . Use the hashtag #FitGirlVideos and @ us in your captions for a possible feature. We love watching your videos! xoxo IG | happysweating

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